I Tie My Own Bowties

We have many personal imperfections.  Left arm can be slightly larger than the other.  You have more hair on one side of your head.  One foot is larger than the other.  Ugly toes.  Teeth are not the whitest.  Imperfections.  Beautiful woman with the long second toe. Handsome guy with a lazy eye.  Imperfections.

You should see my toes! U-G-L-Y! They don’t need an alibi.  Absolutely ugly.  I keep socks on, even in the most comfortable place on the planet, home. Very few people outside of my immediate family have seen them.  Many people will never  see my toes.  My teeth are not the whitest because of a medication I took when I was 7 years old, Tetracycline.  I smile, but I am conscious of the drug induced dinge.  Nothing can really be done about it, just keep brushing.  Imperfections.  I am a pretty good athlete, but cannot swim.  I cannot swim because of, you guessed it, those darn toes!  Imperfections.

I began wearing bowties 21 months ago.  Always wanted to wear them.  I did on occasion, with tuxedos.  Those are the clip on style.  I did not know how much skill it took to tie one.  I spent about 2 hours one night watching videos on the art of tying the bowtie. Frustration forced me to give up, that night, the dream of wearing my new bowtie.  I even changed my choice of clothes for church the next morning because I could not perfect the art of, yep, tying the bowtie.  Days later, my son and I went into a clothing store, one that happened to sell bowties.  On our way out, I asked the sales associate how to tie a BT.  She exclaimed, “it is really quite simple, just pretend you are tying your shoes.”  EUREKA! I had it! The dilemma was solved. I eagerly returned home and practiced. She was right! It really was that simple. But I noticed something,  it never looked the same each time.  It did not have that perfect “tuxedo look.” I later read an article and it stated that part of the charm of the bowtie is the fact that it does not have to be perfect for it to look good. It is “you.” Imperfections!  Is it a mistake that you are as dark as you are? As light as you are? Missing a toe, finger, arm, or a perfect hairline? Nope! You are good, just like you are.  It’s a part of who you are, the you that makes you you. Embrace the imperfections of you.

That is why I tie my own bowties, and like my toes!

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About Aaron Lamon Ashford

Aaron is a native of Abilene, TX. The product of Montgomery and Ernestine Ashford and two time graduate of Hardin-Simmons University, has been married to the same woman for a bunch of years. He and Sheila have three children, and a beautiful daughter-in-law. Griffin, the eldest Grandson, is one cool dude. Griffin has a brother now! His name is Theodore. The two together are quite funny, and boy can Theodore eat!
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