I’m Cool With It…

According to the Encyclopedia of Psychology, personality refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Overall, I’m cool with my personality.  I’m cool with the individual differences.  I’m cool with most of my patterns of thinking.  I’m cool with my feelings, most of the time.  I’m cool with my behavior, most of the time.  Yes, I’m cool with my personality. Strengths Finder says Command, Belief, Deliberative, Strategic, and Context.  Myers-Briggs says ISTJ. This just means I’m serious and straight forward.  One person tried to form me into the image of his personality.  Another wanted me to take on a form of his personality.  What are people saying about your personality? God says I am made in His image. Not bad company.


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About Aaron Lamon Ashford

Aaron is a native of Abilene, TX. The product of Montgomery and Ernestine Ashford and two time graduate of Hardin-Simmons University, has been married to the same woman for a bunch of years. He and Sheila have three children, and a beautiful daughter-in-law. Griffin, the eldest Grandson, is one cool dude. Griffin has a brother now! His name is Theodore. The two together are quite funny, and boy can Theodore eat!
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